New Moon Yoni Steam


 1.16.18 @ 7-10pm


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Nourish and feed your feminine body and spirit through the ancient-modern practice of an herbal yoni steam. Join with a small group of women as we honor our bodies and the celebrate the entry into a new year and new lunar cycle.


Herbalist, Christina will create a blend of plants specific for clearing, opening and awakening as we sink into our roots during the dark of winter to recharge our energy and spirit that it may once again be reborn. This gathering will provide a guided steaming experience as well as a chance to learn the details of how-to, why to & when to incorporate this deeply supportive practice into your life.


Afterwards we invite you to stay and play in a more casual space where tea, traditional womb cookies, and art supplies will be provided. You may scoot off to your home for bed, or stay and create and chat by the fire.


7-9PM Steam Circle
9-10PM Tea Time (with craft options!)

Address of location will be emailed to all participants 

Limited space! Get your tickets before this event is sold out.