Hello Woman! Are you here because you are…

  • Wishing to empower yourself by learning to address the root cause of your symptoms?

  • Wanting simple, effective botanicals and self-care rituals to revitalize your feminine body?

  • Tuning into your womb as a power center?

  • Seeking natural ways to restore your gut, womb, vagina, or mentstrual health?

  • Following your intuition?


I’m Christina Bertelli, Certified Clinical Herbalist & Feminine Ecology Mentor. I’m here for you! 

If you answered “Yes” a lot to the questions above, your intuition is right – there ARE healthier, more empowering ways to work with your body. There are practices that respect your sacred feminine energy and have the power to protect and recalibrate your physical wellbeing too. I would love to share them with you!

I’m wildly passionate about things like herbal tea, fermented foods, and herb enriched bone broth. Do you have a magnetism to plant medicines? If you want access to my best insights on herbal medicine, natural yoni care articles as well as special events that I share in my emails, be sure to sign up at the bottom of this page for the Femme Letter.


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I am devoted to bringing empowerment and joy to feminine wellness. I love to share with women how to transform feminine ecology and womb wellness naturally.

I believe that when a woman nourishes her root, she connects herself to own essential feminine healing energy.



If you have recurring vaginal infections, food allergies, menstrual disorders or discomforts that flare and make you feel like your life is out of control, you are hot on the trail to feeling better.

If you feel like you are leaking your power because you are in a fog of frustration around hormone balance, gut health, fertility, PMS, libido, or womb wellness, I have a full cauldron of practices, rituals, herbs and food medicines to get you reconnected to your powerful self once again. I adore weaving the essential mystique of feminine energy medicine with evidence based herbal + nutritional science. 

Men, you are are of course important too! I do also offer wellness coaching for men who may be partners of my women clients, or who independently seek me out for improving microbiome balance and male sexual health. 


As a Feminine Ecology Mentor & Herbalist, I  weave together medical herbalism, Mayan healing, holistic nutrition, and vitality boosting practices to uplift you on your path to deep feminine health. 

Some professional background on me. I am currently studying with Jessica Drummond at the Integrative Women’s Health Institute. I am also steeping in fermentation and gut healing wisdom with Summer Bock. I have apprenticed as a Womb Awakening Mentor with the Fountain of Life, studied Mayan spiritual healing and uterine massage with Ann Drucker, learned women’s community herbalism and formulation from Shelley Torgove, observed functional nutrition while working at the Helios Integrated Medicine Apothecary, and trained in Vitalist Herbalism, Nutrition, and Flower Essence therapy with Paul Bergner at the North American Institute for Medical Herbalism. Before all that, I guided wilderness therapy courses in Utah and North Carolina, which where when the seeds of my natural healing path began to germinate.



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